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"Front Desk” Available 24/7
Please dial “0” to contact the Front Desk for any assistance. “0” 。
  • Flight information / reservation / confirmation
  • Taxi / airport pick-up service
  • Luggage storage service
  • Wheelchair available on guest request
  • Postal / Mailing / courier services
  • Cashier service
  • Local and travel information
  • Business service
  • Parcel collection and transfer services
  • Wake-up call service

Housekeeping Service  Please contact the Front Desk if you need to request the following items: “0”。 

  • Dining tools, children’s dining tools, fruit knife, cutting board, dishwashing liquid, scouring pad.
【Baby goods】
  • Baby toiletries, baby cot, bottle warmer, bottle sterilizer.
【Guest room supplies】
  • Sofa bed service (additional extra charge), power adapter, distribution transformer, extension cord, battery charger, audio cable, HDMI cable, drying rack, upright steam iron, blanket, full length mirror, bath chair, electric mosquito killer, bottle opener, nail clipper, laundry detergent, ice cubes
【Pillow selection service】
  • Latex pillow, chemical fiber pillow, memory form pillow, anti-allergy pillow
【Other supplies】
  • Air purifier, dehumidifier, electric heater


Telephone Instructions
  • Front Desk: please dial “ 0 ”
  • Room to room calls: please dial “ 8 ” + room number
  • Local calls: please dial “ 9 ” + phone number
  • International calls: please dial “ 9 + 002 ” + country code + phone number
Other service
  • Free Wi-Fi service
Breakfast and Lounge
【Jolley Café on the Second Floor】

Service Hours

BREAKFAST:Weekday 07:00~09:30,Weekend & Holiday 07:00~10:00
LOUNGE:Weekday 10:00~22:00,Weekend & Holiday 07:00~10:00
  • Due to the limited capacity, please inform us in advance the number of guests you wish to invite to the Jolley Café.
  • For breakfast, NT$ 350net / per guest.
  • For Self-service of beverages, NT$ 200net / per guest.
  • Jolley Café is a Self-Service Café. Please kindly place all used utensils in the assigned area.
  • All complimentary food and beverages provided are to be consumed only in the Jolley Café.
  • Free self-service laundry available in 2F balconies.
Laundry Area
  • Washing machine, dryer and laundry detergent are available in 2F balcony.